creating TCP server for rs232 adapter on ConnectPort X2

#new on zigbee…

my configuration is:
local PC ->(ethrnet)->ConnectPortX2->(Xbee)-> RS232 Adaptor->(serial rs232)->Scale indicator.
I’m looking for example how to create TCP server on my gateway that will serve the data coming from to the serial adapter.
i found the Python simple TCP server example
and DIA example for TCP CSV client that’s works with delay of 30 seconds…
but i couldn’t find how to get the rs232 data…
any idea?

If you have an X2D, thenh you can use the Read port software along with the Bypass mode on the XBee.

Gateways Web UI>XBee network> Gateway access> Enable Serial Access

is it possible with multiple scale indicators?

As long as your software is capable of receiving data from more than one device, then yes it can.

after i enable the “serial access on the ConnectPortX2”
i manage to connect with hyper-terminal on the serial (COM1) connection and got gibberish from the RS232 Xbee Adapter :frowning:
i think that not the way to do so with multiple RS232 adapters, where can i find code example for running tcp server on the ConnetPortX2…

That is because the XBee is still in API mode. So what you are seeing is the ASCII characters for Hex values. You either need to write an application that can read the Intel Hex characters or disable API mode on the radio.

Thanks for the reply…
I’m taking a step back and I’ll try to describe my needs and system:

I have multiple scales which have an RS232 protocol and I want to talk to each one via ZigBee. I’m OK with communication through TCP sockets which will pass the data, but I couldn’t make it work.

This is the setup:
My software on local PC ->(Ethernet)-> ConnectPortX2->(Xbee)-> Digi Xbee RS232 Adapter(one for each scale)->(serial rs232)->Scale

I couldn’t find documentation for how to do it.
My initial approach was to do it with just setup option but I was not able to find out if it possible and how.
I got a suggestion from the customer service to try via DIA(on Digi ESP for Python) with serial terminal driver, but still I couldn’t found documentation to enable channel communication from the PC to the RS232 on the adapter.

When I tried the suggestion you propose above (disabling the API Mode) I got only one line on the serial terminal software and its seems to stop getting data, and I still don’t understand how it will work with multiple Xbee RS232 adapters…

What am I missing…?