cross compile of SQLite


I’m trying to cross compile SQLite for the digi connect ME LxNETES 2.3.

SQLite can be compiled into a library .a file. With this and a .h file you can link it to your own custom application. But when I try to compile the SQLite.a library (that I compiled with arm-elf-gcc I get an error “undefined reference to open64()”

open64() is a version of open() that allows large file access. Is there a certain library I should be pointing at to access the 64() functions?

disable large file support in SQLite

Hey… Im willing to cross compile SQLite too, but Im having some problems…
Can you post what have you done?? thanks

I’ve attached a document that gives 2 examples of cross-compiling 2 popular packages: dropbear and openssl.

Dropbear follows the standards of open source packages, so you can take that example to cross build other open source packages. Openssl does not follow the standard (autotools) so it is not useful as an example but I put in it the information of how to cross-build it in case you need it or encounter something similar.
This should give you a good idea on how to proceed with cross-compiling SQLite and others


I don’t find the document which is attached, I try to add a library make with autotools, so your document can help me.

the link to the document:

Thank you for your quickness answer