cwm uploading data to iDigi

I have one X2 that is registered and connected to iDigi.
The goal I want to achieve is to upload one numeric value from X2 to iDigi.
I’m running the following Digi example but the message it returns is :“ImportError: No module named cwm_data”

What I’m missing?Is there a better way/example to achieve this goal?



import sys, os
import time

import the rci module to get access to the process_request method

import rci
import cStringIO
#import module needed for the send_cwm_data function
import cwm_data
#XML data that will be posted to the server
data = “”"

#name of the file that will be created on the server for the XML data
filename = “test.xml”
#name of the collection that the file will be stored in
collection = “MyCollection”
#post the XML data to the server
success, err, errmsg = cwm_data.send_cwm_data (data, filename, collection)
#print the status of the post
if success == True:
print “Success”
print "Failure: ", err, " ", errmsg

Hello all,
many days haave been passed by and I’m not receiving any response to this thread.

Is there a problem?




For this, you need to compile and put it into a zip file along with other required, python files as httplib.pyc, socket.pyc, base64.pyc, mimetools.pyc, urllib.pyc etc. So, the best way to add to libs in the ESP for python project and run. So, ESP would take care of all the necessary modules to be added to the .zip file.

And import idigi_data as following way.
from libs import idigi_data

I hope this will help.

The site ‘notifications’ have not been working, so no one has known that you even posted a message (most of us don’t look daily).

cwm_data is an old obsolete file. Try editing and swapping in the “idigi_data” name instead. But as shajrj says, you do need to make sure you upload the (or idigi_data.pyc) as required.

For example, my code has things like this:
success, err, errmsg = idigi_data.send_idigi_data(data, filename, collection)

Just to make sure you’re clear, you should change the line from:
import cwm_data

import idigi_data

If you do not know if you have this file or where it is located, you can also do a search on your PC for “” or “idigi_data.pyc”.

Also, you can search for file (a Dia presentation driver) on your PC) called “” which will allow you to see how the Dia uses the same module.