Data communication failing

I have purchased 2 units of XB24-Z7WIT Zigbee modules, and the vendor configured one as a Coordinator and the other as a router. I had them connected to the PC to XCTU and saw data being exchanged between the modules.

 I changed the modem configuration using XCTU. Changed the coordinator to Router and the router to coordinator. After this data communication has stopped. Tried restoring to defaults etc, but no point.

Has someone experienced similar issues? What could the issue be? My vendor just hooked it to xctu and says he suspects the RF section to have blown! I dont trust what he says as he doesnt seem to inspect it well and just randomly stating!

Any input/suggestions/help is welcomed!


check everything:

baud rate

Even with same PAN, if you don’t set the network watch dog timeout to 1, the router will not associate itself to the coordinator.

Hope that helps

Also check OI parameter to make sure that the modules are in the same network. OI value should be same on all the modules in the network.