data stream in base64 format in device cloud how to encode

I have Xbee module which sends numeric information to gateway in string (string contains several numeric values). I can see that data in gateway log. But when gateway sends that data to Device Cloud it is encoded into base64 format and it is in that format in Device Cloud. How decode that back to string? Or how should I send numeric info to Gateway that it will stay numeric. I would like to send three separate float numbers at the same time.
Do I need to modify xbgw_settings.json file somehow?
Or should I modify that string in GW somehow before sending that data to Device Cloud?

Any ideas? Thanks.


I’d like an answer to this as well please.


Is there any chance anyone managed to find an answer to this problem? I’m dealing with the same issue right now.

Or if anyone else has any ideas, they would be much appreciated.