Data type and Transmission errors in XBee Pro S2C

I am having trouble with my project with Arduino UNO R3 and XBEE S2C. I am using it with a BMP280 and a Gyroscope. I am using 2 XBee’s (1-Coordinator,1-Router). After collecting the data, we use XBee ProS2C(API mode) to send the data.
The issues I am facing are:

  1. The sensor data format is in float but the code I am using gives values in integer and not accepting decimal(float or double) values.
  2. The second problem is the data is about 16 bytes but the packet does not send successful every round. Sometime it works, and sometimes it does not send the data sucessfully
  3. The payload dataype is uint8_t and I cannot change any data type.
    The configurations I have used for the XBee’s are right and the code I have used is the XBee arduino library (XBee.h).
    It would be helpful if someone could shed some light on the sending decimal values as well as the data packet transmission. Thank you.

This is not an XBee issue but an issue with your code and how to code it for understanding the data being sent.