Datafire problems to install

Hi all, I´m trying to run a datafire pci 30 PE board, with W2K, the fact is that I put the card in the machine; SO recognize the board succesfully and start to install the drivers with all the virtual ports but once done this, the board´s leds begin to flash abnormally (three yellows blinking per one green) in just one of the 2 ports, the other port´s leds remains off, no activity in port #2, when I deactivated the board in device manager both port´s led came with the desired green status, but of course the board can´t be used anyway…I hope you could help me with this thing that is almost driving me crazy; I tried some troubleshooting with no success…regards, César.

I’m sorry, but this product is no longer supported by Digi, as we no longer own it. You will need to contact Patton Electronics with your issue.