Delete partition with "intnvram" command

Hi everybody

Does anybody know how to delete partitions with uboot command “intnvram”? I cannot use “flpart” because it’s not supported in “uboot scripting”.

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Try “intnvram help” in uboot console…
you will get all the info

Unfortunately “intnvram help” doesn’t help much…

I tried:

intnvram set partition del select=2

and get the error message:

*** Error: NVE_WRONG_VALUE: (no partition selected)

For creating the partition I use:

intnvram set partition add select=2 name=Kernel start=0x50000 size=0x140000 type=Linux-Kernel

This works perfectly if partition #2 doesn’t exist. If partition #2 exists the command creates partition #3 and adjusts starting address.

In my script I would like to check if partition #2 exists and if so delete it before creating it.

Anybody tried to delete a partition with “intnvram” and can show me which parameters I have to use?


I found the solution myself:

intnvram set partition select=2 del

The order of parameters is evident. Maybe there should be a note in the docs.

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