Delivery status of a frame and callback function()

Device: Digi xbee3 mesh kit (Firmware: 802.15.4, 200D).

  • I am a bit confused on what is meant by “Delivery status” field in a Transmit status frame. Does this mean, the packet that was supposed to be transmitted, is transmitted successfully by the transmitter node ? Or, it means the packet is received by the receiver node correctly. So it is actually an ACK message.

  • In python, I am using my_data_received_callback(xbee_message) function to read the data continuously. With this function, I am able to receive the data that is being sent by the transmitter, but unable to see the “Transmit status” frame. I’m only able to see transmit status frame, if I enable debug mode in python to read the message flow to/from serial interface. Why is so ?

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Make sure frame is properly dispatched with a tracking mechanism.

Ayaz, It simply means if the receiving module was able to receive the packet or not. It does not mean anything beyond that. What I am saying it is that does not indicate if the packet was found to be valid by the module and past out the UART or not or even if it is accepted by your device connected to the XBee. You need to have some sort of application level ack and retry function built into your device for that kind of knowledge.