Determining build version of a loaded bin file.

I am trying to assist our technitions with making sure that they are loading the latest software on to the rabbit core.

The current procedure is for them to download the version from the intranet, load it on to a core using the Rabbit field utility and then checking the version number when the full system is built.

Currently we are using a constant in the program “Version 1.14” but there have been issues in the past of that number getting incremented incorrectly or not updated at all.

Is there a function in dynamic to determine when the bin file was created (time/date) that could be read by the from the rabbit processor that we could then read to determine the actual build of the software?

I am trying to automate this function to remove the error trap of the person writing the software forgetting to update the constant.

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Reading the Dynamic C User’s Manual for the 4000,5000,6000 series, there are two Macros

It looks like if I were to use the combination of those two macros to determine a build value for the software then our technicians could use that to verify if they have the latest software.

Why not build your project from the command line, then have the build process generate an id automatically? E.g. my project uses the mercurial version control system, so that give me a unique id of the sources currently being used, I then dynamically insert that into my main.c file. Contact me if you need any help.

Hey hi, I am not getting clearly my concepts are not clear. Please be specific.