Dia Logging to System Log / Web Log Presentation?

My research so far indicates this is not possible, but here goes anyway:

Can we log from Dia to the system log, i.e. what you see under myconnectport/management/logging/logging_mgmt.htm ?

Failing that, has anyone made a simple web presentation that interprets a file logger?


You mean the X4 ‘event log’? That is a very low-level log which involved updating NVRAM/flash, so what goes into it is kind of fussy. It also wraps quite fast.

Are you looking for an even log, or a periodic data log? I don’t know of any answer to either, but you could easily create a text file in the python directory, then view it remotely.

In some of my past projects, I created a binary file in the python directory which can be downloaded by right-clicking and doing ‘save as’. Then a simple Python tool on a PC could convert it to a CSV file for loading in Excel or OpenOffice Calc.