Different physical and logical addresses in .MAP file and Information Window

Due to a recent need for evaluating future performance in my Dynamic C projects, I have begun to inspect memory aspects (TNs-238, 202 & 219).
I would like to know the exact correspondence, if there is any, between the logical and physical addresses I obtain in a .MAP compilation file and the values I obtain in the information window, since, to my surprise, assuming XMEM code is physical (20 bits) and root code and data are both logical (16bits), I obtain different values for root data�s origin in the MAP and in the information window.
The header of my MAP file is the following (Marked with ** I add some comments on it).

// Compilers view of MMU. Note these values are determined by the origin statements in the BIOS.
//Segment           Origin     Size
//** This is the same as the information window**
Root Code           00:0000    004a86
//** This is not the same as the I.W.** 
//** There the next info appears: B3AC to CDFF (SIZE 1A54)**
Root Data           80:cdff    001a53 
//** There appears a logical(16bit address) **
//** whereas in the information window, it�s a physical one **//
Xmem Code           05:e200    020c16

Thanks for your help.

Is there any plug-in or debugging option in Dynamic C giving any kind of indication of how memory is getting allocated and freed through each line of code? I mean, some kind of dynamic map of memory.

Thanks again.