digi cluster

This capture is from my Xbee ZB Pro coordinator. The *55C0 device is configured as a router. When it joins with the coordinator, I receive this:

08:31:40.307 INFO  XbeeAgent - Received frame type 0x91
08:31:40.307 DEBUG XbeeAgent - This is a Digi cluster message
08:31:40.308 INFO XbeeAgent - From 13A200408C55C0 endpoint 0xE8
08:31:40.308 INFO  XbeeAgent - To endpoint 0xE8, profile 0xC105, cluster 0x0095
08:31:40.313 INFO  XbeeAgent - DATA: F7960013A200408C55C05745415448455200FFFE0103C105101E

Is this a join notification? Does anybody know anything about the format? Breaking it down I can see:

F796  is the network-assigned 16-bit network address of the device
0013A200408C55C0   is the MAC address of the device that just joined
57 45 41 54 48 45 52 00  is ascii WEATHER (the name of the device) with a null at the end
FFFE ???  (perhaps "parent address")
01  device type (0=coordinator, 1=router, 2=end_device)
03  status (what does this mean?)
C105  looks like the profile id
101E  ??? (is this Digi's mfg code?  Or some kind of revision code?)

Does anybody know what the remaining bytes mean?

Is there any way from this message that I can tell whether the device connected directly or through an intermediate router?


I would need to see the Full API frame in order to understand what it is you are asking about.

Have you tried looking at the frame using the Digi API frame tool (http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=3215 )

No, it’s really not an API frame format question, I was asking about the contents of a received message (which one would never generate on their own) specifically related to the join notification packet format.

I have yet to find digi documentation that explains how it works; however, there is python code in the wild that decodes these messages. By looking at that code I was able to figure out the packet format. It was not ‘authoritative’ in the sense that it’s not backed by documentation; but that format makes sense and at least seems to match the limited conditions under which I have tested.