DIGI Connect ME 9210 - Use gpio flash mode


I have a problem with DIGI Connect ME 9210.

Everything goes well when I boot tftp.
I image transfers in the ME 9210.
I change the boot flash
But when my program tries to access the gpio does not work.

I run the gpio driver in inittab:

Start gpio driver

:: sysinit: modprobe gpio

I repeat it works perfectly mode tftp:
in Uboot:
bootcmd dboot linux tftp

But it works more flash mode:
In Uboot:
bootcmd dboot linux flash

When linux boot flash, I see that the gpio driver has been started

Thank you for your help

I have just found.

Configuration cme9210js had not been taken into account. (In / etc / makedev.d /)

I just change it and it works again.