Digi WR21 IPsec not working after changing SIM.

IPsec is not working after changing sim, Having five sim cards, and on the only one IPsec is working, remaining are connected to internet only.

Mohammad Ishaq


you have this working with 1 SIM and this is using a public APN that provides internet access and VPN Builds and passess data.

saying IPSEC is not working is not helpfull
Does the Router show errors
does the router build VPN put not pass data
can you see ESP packets on both ends of the VPN
are you seeing one way traffic

has the other end of the VPN been checked if it has multiole SA’s are they cleared when sims are changed?

if you put the good sim back in does it work first time?

if you use a bad sim gve you rebooted the other end of the vpn does it start working

VPN establishment is there tunnel is there, but ping is not there.