Digi XBee 3, DigiMesh - problem with sending messages by xbee.transmit () ENOTCONN

Hi everyone, I have a problem with sending messages from Digi XBee 3 modules, DigiMesh protocol, firmware version 3012. The program sending messages in BROADCAST or UNICAST mode:

    retries = 200
    address = xbee.ADDR_BROADCAST
    time_delay = 15
    error_count = 0
    error_message = ""
    message = "1234567890"  # message = "123456789"
    for _ in range(retries):
            xbee.transmit(address, message)
        except OSError as e:
            error_count += 1
            error_message = str(e)

coordinator => router: program as above, up to 9 characters message is sent correctly, above it ends with error “[Errno 7107] ENOTCONN” for all xbee.transmit (200 times). After running the module (before calling the xbee.discover() function), the code executes correctly (also for messages longer than 10 characters).

router => coordinator: same program, up to messages of 9 characters end with an error, while longer messages send correctly
Have you encountered such a problem? Is it the fault of the configuration?
I am kindly very much asking for help.

Try adding a delay from your receive to before you try to send data if about 4 seconds.

Thank you for your reply. The short message sent from the coordinator reaches the router without any problem.
The router after receiving the message, delay 4 seconds sending a 4 character message to the coordinator which ends with ENOTCONN error.

Please submit a case for this issue by going to https://my.digi.com/ and logging in or sending an email to tech.support@digi.com

Thank you for the information, I have reported the error