digimesh SM=7 receiving data

If I have a digimesh 900hp in sm =7(sleep support) and I send the xbee data through the serial port and the network is sleeping what happened to the data? Does the xbee discard that data, or buffer it until the network awakes then send it? I read through the manual but could not find the answer.

The situation is the xbee in my connectport X4 is the sleep support for my network. I want to send a serial command to another node. But how do I know when to send it?


The data is buffered until the network wakes and is then sent.

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Thanks for the quick answer. Also if you know this off hand. I know this is in the manual, but do you know the size of the buffer?

The buffer can hold a couple of full size packets but is different with different firmware versions. I recommend using flow control by monitoring the CTS line. It will go high before the buffer fills.