digital sensor and XBee Series 2

I have a xbee serie 2 and a digital sensor and I want know how I can make to xbee use this sensor to measure.
If I have to program it, in what library can I base to it works similarly to the standard firmware.

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What kind of interface does your sensor offer? Does it have a UART, Digital IO High low state or an Analog output?

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It’s a SHT11 sensor, and it has a 2-wire serial interface. It has only digital output.

You need to find out more about that sensor. At the moment, you can’t tell what kind of connection or output it requires. Never mind what voltage level it outputs and you are going to need to know this in order to connect it to anything.

the SHT11 sensor is powered by a voltage between 5.5 VDC 2,4vdc. The interface has two connections: SCK and DATA.

DATA pin is connected to DIO1 of xbee.
SCK pin is connected to DIO0 of xbee.


That sensor requires a SPI port. The module you are working with does not offer a SPI connection. You need to either switch to a module that offers a SPI port or use a processor in between the two that can do the SPI to UART conversion for you.


What is the XBee module supporting SPI communication?
I want an example of the configuration of this module with standard firmware.


Let me see, they would be XBee ZB S2C, 900 HP, and 868 LP.