Discover 3rd party devices with digi-xbee python library

Good morning (o;

Got my first Xbee 3 devcies with the module dev kit and playing now with the digi-xbee python library.

Set one module to ZigBee class 1 and put it into API mode 1…

Now when running the discovery sample it says only “Discovering remote XBee devices…” and finishes after the timeout value…

How can I use the digi-xbee library to discover and communicate with 3rd party devices like thermostats (our company’s final application).

thanks in advance

That is not a simple question as it depends on the Zigbee standard and what profile the devices use.

What I would suggest is to look at

That will give you an idea as to how you need to configure the xbee. The Lib. should be similar once you have the XBee configured.