Does AnywhereUSB run on ARM Linux vulnerable to Shellshock?

We’re using AnywhereUSB devices (with Windows Server 2008 R2). Does anyone know if the firmware on the devices is running any kind of ARM Linux? Do they run Bash (and therefore: are they vulnerable to the ‘Shellshock’ exploit)?

At present AUSB runs only on windows

Thanks for your response; my apologies for an ambiguously-worded question. I’ve edited the question to clarify it - I’m actually wondering about the device firmware, since it allows telnet and rsh connections that could potentially be exploited if the firmware itself is some kind of stripped-down build of Linux.

Is anyone able to answer this for me? Is the firmware a custom ARM build, or is it based on Linux with Bash?

Here is a knowledge base article Digi just posted:

At present AUSB runs only on windows,it can’t run on
ARM Linux now.