Does the serial number still appear on a TS4 sticker even though nothing is labeled as the serial number?

The sticker on one of my TS4’s has a part number but nothing labeled as a serial # like my other TS4’s have. Is the serial # possibly shown on the sticker but just not labeled as such?

My other TS4’s have a part number and serial number on one sticker and the MAC address on a separate sticker. This TS4 has a sticker showing the part number and MAC address but no serial # (from what I can find).

I’m guessing this may be an older unit. The serial number should be in the format of a single letter, followed by 8 numbers, like V12345678. Sometimes the S/N begins with the letter S (then another letter like V or W), followed by 8 numbers. What’s the part number of this unit?

Part #50000837-03B

This P/N seems to be that of a PortServer TS 4 extended temperature, which I would expect to have a serial number sticker for.