Doubt on concept of displaying on web

Hi to all
I have a project at its final step of completion. My need is i want to display my sensor readings on Webpage without the knowledge of Frontend work. Bcoz i dont know. So please some one help me to come out of this problem(its a problem only to me. not to all). Actully my Software friends told me to keep my output data in database. then they display it in my webpage. But i dont want to do this. Pls clear my doubts.

From the sample program TCPIP/BROWSELED.C i can toggle my onboard LEDs using Webpage. ya i did. But from that code i cant get any single more details how they controlling the port pins just using the web. I need the concept how they done this. From your reply i can be start my next project that is need to control a motor spead from my webpage.

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