Dynamic C 10.11 with WI-FI


I would like to get a C source code ( in dynamic C) where there are three important functions: - WIFISet(parameter 1,parameter 2,…,parameter n);
The parameters we need to make the rabbit core
module on the prototyping board to cominicate with
the computer. They are the #define such as #define
_WIFI_SSID " " etc…)

                        - WIFITransmit(Data1);
                          where data1 will be packets to send, to trasmit. It    
                          could be an array of structure data).

                        - WIFIReceive(Data2);
                          Data2 is an empty field where an ACK transmited by  
                          the Computer will take place.

So, my problem is how to create these functions and them to work in an c source code.

Thanks for your help.