Dynamic C 10.60 and #use "dcrtcp.lib"


I’ve been following along with the sample program UDP_ECHO_DH.c and trying to set up udp in my own program. Issue is that when I include

#use “dcrtcp.lib” I get

line 127 : ERROR IP.LIB : Undefined (but used) global label _pbuf_pool

and I’m not sure where Im using it. Im just including the defines right now. The offending line in IP.lib is

extern Pool_t _pbuf_pool;

My other issue is that when I try to open a socket with


I suddenly get all these undefined variable and out of scope errors for global variables and scructs that I have defined. Im not sure why thats happening.

Any help is appreciated. I have an RCM5700 and Dynamic C 10.60.


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if (sock_init()) return 1;


put sok_init() at the first line into the man function
and put all definitinons before #use “dcrtcp.lib”

#define TCPCONFIG 1
#define MY_GATEWAY “”

#use “dcrtcp.lib”

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