Dynamic C config for LTE Nimbelink Modem

I am trying to configure the ifconfig() for a ppp conection using serial to a Nimbelink let-wm14 modem.
I have had success with the GEL3 modem but for some reason the same settings don’t work.
I started with the sendexpect not working so I moved those commends to ModemSend and Modem Expect to set up the APN etc (they offer a document on what commands to use). Also I need to use ATDT0 to connect not ATD99**1# which is odd but I get a connect response every time i use it.
When I at+cgpaddr = 1 the response is the static ip from T-Mobile.
BUT when I get past the ifpending(IF_PPP2) and do the ip_print_ifs() the IP is reported as not as it should ( I have a PDN with T-Mobile)
Does anyone know why the IP is not correct? is thre a setting in the IFCONFIG() I should use?
EDIT: if I use the myhostip it also shows the correct IP
Rob Berry