Dynamic C Timer Resources

I want to use an RCM4010 module to drive a couple of stepper motors. The motors must run smoothly and independently at different speeds, so I’m planning to use interrupts from two hardware timers to generate the step pulses.

My question is: which timers can I use? Surely, Dynamic C uses one hardware timer for its periodic interrupt, but which one? (I can’t find any mention in the docs or forums.)

I’m thinking I want to use TimerB and TimerC, with A1 as their clock source. Is that possible without interfering with Dynamic C’s periodic interrupt?

Well, apparently Digi/Rabbit can’t spare anyone to support this Forum.

I was able to get my motors working using interrupts for Timers B and C with, Timer A as their clock source.

I believe there is separate timer hardware for the periodic interrupt, as I found obscure references to it in the docs. It seems to be intentionally poorly documented to discourage anyone from using it.

BTW, I even wrote the ISRs in C, which is strongly discouraged in the docs because of increased overhead for pushing/popping ALL the registers. The docs neglect to say how MUCH overhead is involved, so it’s hard to make an informed decision. But if you’re interested, I measured about 40usec total overhead.


Hi Spockout
Can you share your code, I am in the same situation, and I need help.
I am using an BL2600