Echo ALL endpoint messages out the UART?

To be clear, this question is about using an XBee3 as an end device.

I have an XBee S2C (configured as a coordinator) plugged into a Raspberry PI (running the latest Home Assistant OS). I have my Zigbee network up and running with a handful of third-party devices.

I have an XBee3 (loaded with the Zigbee 3.0 TH firmware, ver 100D) plugged into my PC (running XCTU). The XBee3 has been added to the network; and, using HA Developer Tools, I can send messages to the XBee3. Messages to endpoint 0xE8 (cluster 0x11) are displayed in the XCTU console window.

I can put the XBee3 in Tranparent mode and see just the text of the message, or put it in API mode and see the full frame. My problem is, I can only see messages sent to endpoint 0xE8 (cluster 0x11). All messages to other endpoints (to toggle an output pin, for example) simply show one byte (0xC0) in Transparent mode, and nothing in frame mode.

With AP=1 and AO=7, I expect all ZDO requests to pass-through to the UART.

Is it possible to configure the XBee3 so that messages to all endpoints pop out of the UART?

Set AP to 1 and AO to 1F

I gave it a try. No change. I get the same output as before. I even reset the XBee3 to see if that was needed; but no joy.

Sounds like you are not sending the proper frames to the module.

That’s a very real possibility. Since HA is sending the frames (not “me”), I don’t know how they are formated.

I feel skeptical that HA would send messages to one specific endpoint/cluster in the “proper” format, and all other destinations using an alternate format.

I don’t know how to test your theory.