Embedded Electron on ConnectCore 6

Hi ! We bought a ConnectCore6 recently and we would like to embed our own applications.

We developed several applications made with the JavaScript framework called Electron. So, to reduce development time, we would like to create a Linux image which support this technology.
To do this, we added the meta-electron layer (see https://github.com/OSSystems/meta-electron). As you can see, this layer has 4 dependencies :

  • openembedded-core, branch: master
  • meta-openembedded, branch: master
  • meta-clang.git, branch: master
  • meta-browser.git, branch: master

So, we considered openembedded was the equivalent of the Poky layer provided by DIGI, and we downloaded the three other layers and added them to our bblayers.conf.
Unfortunately, we have serious errors during the compilation because layers provided by DIGI comes from the jethro version of Yocto, and not from the master one.

At our best, we can get one error during bitbake compilation, caused by meta-clang because our Poky version doesn’t contain a “musl” recipe. See the following error :
ERROR: No recipes available for:

Of course, if we add the “musl” directory from the last version of Poky (master branch), this implies more errors and the build fails too.
The question is : does DIGI can provide updated versions of its layers or help us to find a way to add missing recipes to the jethro versions actually provided ?

It will be very appreciated to get some help on this because we really need this feature to deploy our Electron applications on the SBC.

Thank you for your help

Best regards