Encyrption with RealPort

Which devices are supported by RealPort with Encryption ?
In the Manuel is a note, that supported devices are Digi One IAP, PortServer TS and DigiConnect.

Are there more devices ?

On the Digi One TS page is a link to RealPort with Encryption, too. Does this device work with RealPort with Encryption, too ?


Hello Kruehn,

Currently Supported:
Digi-One TS (Including Wireless & Hardened)
Digi-One IAP
PortServer TS 2 MEI, (W & H)
PortServer TS 4 MEI, (W & H)
PortServer TS 8 (including MEI version)
PortServer TS 16 (including MEI & Rack Mount versions)
Connect ME

Support soon to be available:
Connect EM
Connect Wi-ME
Connect Wi-EM
Connect SP

Not Supported:
Digi-One SP
Digi-One IA
Digi-One RealPort
PortServer TS 2
PortServer TS 4
PortServer 8
PortServer 16

Best Regards,