ENI API for Net+50 Evaluation Board !

I am trying to read registers at location 0xFA0000xx from ENI Module, however the program hangs while doing so! However, I was able to read all other 0xFxxxxxxx (DMA, GEN etc) module registers … what could be the problem ??? I also used ENI load driver (eniLoadDriver()) API and then tried reading some registers but still no luck … Could it be that since no external device it yet connected at the ENI Interface, I am not able to program the Net+50 Eval Board accordingly ? What alternate method other than connecting an external processor device (DMA controller) can I use to populate the FIFO TX and RX … Note I want to configure the ENI Interface in ENI-FIFO mode. Thanks, S,Ay

Directions on how to get naenififo to work: Naenififo would not work unless you make some changes in the HW of the two dev. board and have them ready for the application. The changes are such that 1. Remove R22 (connects PortC0 to the PHY) 2. Remove FB19 and C94 (connects +5v to J14-C18 3. Short R37 (PA14-DRQO) R38 (PA15-DACK) R39 (PRW) pins 1&2 of RN5 (PA13-DRQI) 4. Wire J16-15 (DRQO) to J14-C18 (spare, but is could be used to bring +5v out if FB19 and C94 were installed on the RevD) 5. Move RN-6 and RN-7 to RN5 and RN-8 |------------------------| | serial conns | | | | | | jp14 config |------------------------| | | | Once these changes are done: 1-Copy your original bsp as bsp_original and then in the bsp directory in the bsp.bld you would see that by default it is set to include eni_host.c from C:
etos3\src\bsp\devices\eni. If the bsp is built than you don’t need to rebuilt the bsp.a 2- From examples pull naenififo api and build it under your working api and call it as naenififo_host since by default it includes the host_app.c. Make the rom image and burn it into flash. Once you are done with this rename your bsp as bsp_eni_host. 3- Copy your bsp_original and rename it as bsp. In the bsp.bld modify it to include eni_client.c and remove eni_host.c. Rebuild the bsp. 4- Again from examples pull naenififo api and build it under your working api which you might want to call it this time as naenififo_client to avoid confusion while making sure that your remove the host_app.c from the build file and include the client_app.c. Once done with these make the rom image and burn it into flash. Rename this bsp as bsp_eni_client. This saves it for future use. Now if you want, you can restore the bsp_original as bsp. 5- Now that you have two boards as client and host that runs out of flash go ahead and connect them via euro card receptacle and the eni interface. On the euro card receptacle there should sit a connector board for the transformation. 6- The key point at this point before you power up the board make sure that the com ports of the board are connected to two PCs. Open the com ports on two Pcs. First power up the client - see the initialization on the com port and prior to that power up the host. After this you would see how data is transferred via the ENI interface. Eurocard receptable on the client.