Erratic Communication

I am porting a thoroughly tested application from a BL2100 to a BL2500 with two RN1100. The application has a web interface, as well as a serial console. Both work well on the BL2100.

For this port, I have modified a fair amount of code, but none has dealt with the web server. Here are the additional macro defines for the port:


My TCP/IP and HTTP server defines are:

#define TCPCONFIG        1
#define MY_IP_ADDRESS         ""
#define MY_NETMASK		""
#define MY_GATEWAY		""
#define TCP_BUF_SIZE    	4096

#define SSPEC_MAX_OPEN			10
#define HTTP_MAXSERVERS 			10
#define REDIRECTTO 			"http://" REDIRECTHOST""

I get a clean compile. However, when I run the application, the STDIO windows occasionally becomes unresponsive, and sometimes the program stops responding to a ping.

Does anybody know of any issues when porting from a BL2100 to a BL2500? Or has anyone seen an issue similar to this?