ERROR MODBUS_MASTER.LIB : Return type (re)declared differently after us

Hi All

I recently dowloaded the rabbit 9.62 but am getting an error from the modbus library even if I just try the old modbus serial_master sample .It keeps giving me the above error and points to this function in ModbusMaster.lib:
unsigned MODBUS_CRC(unsigned char *pcMess, unsigned wLen)
auto unsigned char cHi,cLo; // CRC Accumulators (MSB & LSB)
auto unsigned w; // CRC Shift In Index

cHi = cLo = 0xFF;							//	Init CRC
{												//	For Each Byte
	w = cHi ^ *pcMess++;					//	Next Table Index
	cHi = cLo ^ MODBUS_CRC_MSB[w];	//	Next CRC
return ((unsigned) cHi << 8) | cLo;	//	merge the bytes and return


I have exactly the same error. Were you able to fix it?

I had the same error, and contacted rabbit. They send me a newer version of the modbus lib. My compile error was gone. The download clearly doesn’t have the latest libs.
Not that it changed a thing, I’m still not able to communicate with a modicon plc. Not in rs232 mode, not in rs485 mode, not at all.

When you order a sample chip from microchip…it works…TI…it works…
sample code from rabbit still needs 6 weeks of work…

I still have that white box the board came with…
it says…“Solutions that work”…