exception handling on reading sensor value, time out value problem ?!

Hi everybody:

My problem is why the time-out value on sensor reading is diferent.

If I turn off the watchport and LTH sensor, and read sensor…

The watchport sensor takes 7 second to enter except condition.
But the LTH router or Wallrouter takes 65 second to enter exception,
It takes time too long , how can I change it ?!

Is there any zigbee ddo command manaul releated to this ?

Please help me, thanks you

below is my code

begin watchport sensor 7sec

zigbee.ddo_set_param(DESTINATION, ‘D2’, 5)
zigbee.ddo_set_param(DESTINATION, ‘AC’, ‘’)

get and parse sample:

sample = zigbee.ddo_get_param(DESTINATION, '1S')

xbee_temp = xbee_sensor.XBeeWatchportT()
print "Temperature is: %f degrees Celsius" % (xbee_temp.temperature)

print “error”

Begin LTH sensor , barrtey power ,65sec


Create a sensor object

lthrouter = xbeelth.XBeeLTHN(DESTINATION)

Retrieve a sample reading from the wallrouter

sample = lthrouter.sample()

print "Temperature sample: ", sample['temperature']
print "humidity sample: ", sample['humidity']
print "Light       sample: ", sample['light']

print “read error!!!”