Expected line-of-sight range XBee 868 wire antenna


What’s the expected range between an XBee 868 with a wire antenna (white wire antenna on the device) and a second device with an XBee 868 antenna on an RPSMA device? I’m struggling to get 100m. Power level 4.


Where are modules placed; indoor or outdoor?

For indoor, 112m is module’s range as per manual.

For outdoor, this is quite less. Look out if there are any obstacles in Fresnel zone. There are few articles on it, which might be helpful for you:


It’s outdoor. The datalogger radio has the RPSMA antenna mounted in a window. The radio with the wire antenna is in the line of sight from the window across a playing field. Surely the outdoor range should be further?

Thanks for the articles.

Make sure that wire antenna module is at certain height from ground and other obstacles.

Also check supplied power to both modules. Keep it near upper permissible limit like 3.4 volt. It plays a crucial role in network range.