I am having an issue with accessing FAT files from an FTP server.

Target is a RCM 4000

On a single partition, the fat data files are created at runtime and the file names are dynamically assigned.

The order of things at startup are:

automout the fat, init the FTP, call sspec_automount(SSPEC_MOUNT_FAT…), add a rule and user in the admin group

When running, The app sucessfully creates,writes,closes files, Then reads and displays the contents via stdio.

The problem is on the FTP side of the application.

via a cmd window, I log on to the FTP server using the user identity I created and do a “DIR”,
I can see a list of the files that were created at runtime (with wr perms), but if I attempt to get any of the files I receive a 550 File not found response.
If I re-enter a “dir” I can also see that the data file is increasing in size.

If i do an “mget .”, I receive a “cannot find list of remote files”

I am not able to get, put or mkdir on the FTP server. I can basically only see a list of files.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

take a look at the updpages.c sample program located in DCRABBIT_XXX\samples\filesystem directory. This sample runs an FTP and HTTP server on the Rabbit that allows you to upload/download files using FTP. It will also add th file to the HTTP Server list so the files can be served.