File Transfer Over Socket

I am using the RCM2200 Rabbit Module. In these I want to log large amount of data in the some File Format such as .txt or .dat or .xml format which is to be updated at every minute.

These Log File can be taken or download by any application running on the PC or server using the Socket.

I donot want to transfer row data over the socket i want to transfer some file having a data log in user define format is to be transfer over the socket so that there is less possibility to lose the data over the socket

Pls send me or help me some application notes or sample program for doing these type of work

You say that you’re storing a large amount of data, where are you storing it? The RCM2200 has no storage other than the main system memory, and it is not that large and is in use by the stack and program variables. I would recommend you step up to a core with serial or NAND flash and then you can run the FAT filesystem and make the files available on an FTP server. With the hardware you are using there are not any samples that will show the functionality you are asking for.