Finding the IP address of the WR44R


I have a brand new WR44R that is not answering pings on But it appears that the WR44R has not HW reset button?

So how do I find out the router’s IP address?



Hi All:

Ok, figured this out on my own.

  1. There is a reset button, the docs that I read saying there was not for the WR44R lied, its there off the middle under the unit,
  2. If you are plugged into Eth0, resetting will not cause pings to start coming back because…
    Eth0 is set to get an IP from a DHCP server, Eth1 is set to

So twice, the documentation was wrong.
Anyhow, I’m up and running.


There is a reset button mentioned on page 65 on the Transport manual, page 65 even shows the bottom of the WR44 R and the location of the reset button.

This is correct, this change was made in 7.0 SarOS firmware in which the Ethernet 0 port becomes a WAN port and Ethernet 1 becomes a LAN port.

This change was made to be more in line with the XOS devices. (WR54, 64, LR54)