Firewall Digi wr21

Hi everybody,

Need help with my new transport wr21 modem to allow only some ip adress.

I all of connect wan 3g IA modem I go to “IP Filtering Settings” add IP adress and that’s it.

But can’t find same settings in my new transport wr21 modem.
I think is in the firewall script but I don’t understand.

If anybody can/want help me please, it very appreciated.

have great moment

Hi there is no IP filtersettings in the WR21.

you would need to use the firewall to allow and block traffic.

PASS in Break END from X.X.X.X to any inspect-state
PASS out break end inspect-state
block break end

if these rules are used on the PPP interface would only allow X.X.X.X to be able to open request to the router

please remember the rules are read in order