Flash burn utility

I am trying to build the flash burn application you have posted on your WEB site (for use with a low cost JTAG debugger). I the output of the build is as follows: Compiling D:\NETOS5_GH35\src\examples
aflash-one-u\root.c because -all was specified Compiling D:\NETOS5_GH35\src\bsp\bsproot.c because -all was specified Compiling D:\NETOS5_GH35\src\examples
aflash-one-u\dialog.c because -all was specified Compiling D:\NETOS5_GH35\src\bsp\decompress.c because -all was specified Compiling D:\NETOS5_GH35\src\bsp\reset.s because -all was specified Commands to prepare for D:\NETOS5_GH35\src\examples
aflash-one-u\32b\objs\image.o bin2obj …/image ./objs/image.o Compiling D:\NETOS5_GH35\src\examples
aflash-one-u\myflashapp.c because -all was specified Linking myflashapp [elxr] (error) different machine flags in module na2.lib(ghs.o): 0x160300 vs 0x060300 in other modules Error: build failed Build terminated Do you have any suggestions as to what may be wrong? Thanks.

This is due to different Green Hills version usage. It won’t show up if the matching tools used together.