Flash wear leveling

Does the Connect ME and Connect ME9210 support wear leveling for NOR flash?

I remember reading a post from John Leir saying, “Steve, all of the Digi devices that had NOR flash did not need/include any
wear leveling. Only when NAND flash was added (because of the price) for the large footprint devices did wear leveling come into play.”

I don’t know if this means that wear leveling is now supported for NOR flash. Could someone please clarify?

The file systems do use wear leveling, but the rest of flash does not have it.

Could you be more specific about which type of file system that uses wear leveling? Do file systems residing on NOR flash support wear leveling? Do file systems residing on NAND flash support wear leveling? Or does the file system support wear leveling regardless of the flash type?


Yeah, all the NET+OS filesystems (7.4+) have wear leveling on both types of chips. I’m not sure when it was added, but for sure it is in 7.4.

Thanks for the clarification. That’s all I needed to know.