FTP Changes from 6.0 to 7.3

I’ve been using basically the same naftpapp.c since 6.0f to update the firmware in my app. Moving to 7.0 this worked as well, with only a few tweaks.

However, 7.3 seems to have a new FTP server. It isn’t clear what I am supposed to use to update my firmware. Do I use the code from the naftpapp example? The naftpsvr_fs example? The naftpsvrapp example?

Or can I continue to use my old naftpapp code?

If you are iusing 7.3 and use ESP then if you use the default application creation settings you get a web interface included. This has a page where you can update the firmware via HTTP with a web browser.

I have been using this since 7.3 was introduced and it seems to work with no real problems. If you redefined the logo, and update the css file you can easily get your own corporate look on the web pages

Since this project began way back at 5.x, and was first released with 6.0f, it is not structured for ESP. I looked at converting it when 7.0 came out, and it is not a straightforward process in my case. I have a base set of code with about 10 variations. With the command line tools, I can create a build script that allows me to share the base code and use the build script to shift in the pieces needed to build each variation with its small portion of custom code and custom web pages. There was no way using ESP to do that. I would have had to have 10 independent projects and copy the majority of code between them, making maintenance a nightmare, so I left the project as an old style project.

All that to say, no, I can’t use the fancy new ESP features. I wish I could, it looks like a much nicer development environment, but it isn’t well suited to this project.