ftp server disconnects after file transfer

For my application I need to read about 100 files from my Net+50 box using ftp. After establishing the connection I can read some files and then the connection gets disconnected from my Net+50 box. The number of files is always different, so I don’t understand what happens. When I log the transmitted data with ethereal, the last ftp commands looks like this: … PORT 172,16,1,200,12,9 200 PORT command ok RETR data_10k.016 150 About to open data connection 226 Transfer complete PORT 172,16,1,200,12,10 200 PORT command ok RETR data_10k.017 221 Goodbye Does anybody else had such a problem? What might happen here? Is there a bug in Net+OS 3.0? Thanks in advance.

You should upgrade to the latest Net+Os release which Net+Os v6.0 as v3.0 is no longer supported.