ftp unable to open data connection

running the test project on ME-9210.
Can make an FTP connection, but ‘ls’ and other commands generates

ftp> ls
200 PORT command Ok.
425 Unable to open data connection, network error

This is the problem of your ftp client and not ME9210. Are you using windows command line ftp client? Is there a firewall on that PC?
The 425 error means that the data channel is blocked or closed between you and the server you are trying to connect to.

For Active (PORT) connections open port 21. Also open inbound high ports above 1024 to the client. You can specify the range of ports the client uses for an Active data connection by clicking Tools, Options, Firewall, and check “Limit local port range”. Open the matching port range you specify in your firewall.

For Passive (PASV) connections open port 21, and disable any outbound packet or command filtering.

If you still cannot get a successful connection, check all devices that are between the client and server to ensure that the proper ports are open (e.g. routers).

The problem has been resolved with help from my sysadmin. The trouble is related to the windows provided ftp server. If I use winscp to make the ftp connection it works just like it should.

Thank you for the quick response here.
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