Function without prototypes

Hi everybody, I have noted that several bld files provided in the NetOS Kit do not have the option “Warn for function used w/o prototype” enabled. This option permits that a file is compiled without resolving all function prototypes. After some difficulties related to functions with the same name (a side effect of this), I have enabled this option and I am experimenting some problem (in fact, only several annoying warnings) when compiling some files. For instance, the dialog.c file calls ioctl(). I suppose that from ind_io.h (after looking for it in the
etos\h directory), but prototypes does not match with the function call. Other example is the function NAInitEthAddress(): it is not defined inside any file in the include directory. In my humble opinion, it is a good programming practice (at least in C/C++) to define all prototypes in .h files and include these files at the beginning of the C file. Is there any special reason for having this flag no enabled? Bye, Marcelo

I agree with you and hence yes there is no special reason. The way the NetOs source code has been implemented it hasn’t covered all the prototype definitions and that’s why you hit warnings and errors when you turn on those options with in the language options. This issue is among the issues to be resolved in the development cycle for the next releases.