Get route hop count from an end-node to gateway

Hi fellow XBee engineers,

Grateful if you could help on this. I have been looking over all manuals and cannot find a proper way to get the hop_count information from an end node to a gateway. I know the XBee manual mentions the source routing and how to use it in AT API command to get route record indicator (pp.120). However, is there any way we can do it over XBee socket? The DDO command does not support such a source routing operation. Do I understand it correctly? Grateful if there could be some example code or where to find the related information. Thanks.

BTW, I also know the hard way to do this is to get the full routing table information of each XBee node and then figure out the route from gateway to each end_node, e.g, minimum-hops route. However, it will require a lot of coding and debugging. And it still does not represent the actual route selectioin used by XBee protocol. Hopefully, there is an easy way to do it. :slight_smile:

Ching-Ling Huang


This question I hope Digi Technical Support can answer. So its better to ask them regarding compatibility of the gateway for this.