gpio tx complete

I use Xbee PRO module in a battery powered system.
I need to power off the module removing Vdd in order to increase battery duration.
For better understand when disconnect power supply, there is an AT command or a configurable GPIO that indicate when the RF Tx is complete?

I don’t use the module in API mode.


No, there is no pin that tells you when the module is associated and able to communicate. But depending on the XBee module and firmware, there are AT commands you can issue to determine this

It could be possible to derive the end of transmission from the association of the module? I need to know when the module send the data in order to power off.
I’ve some module XBee PRO with firmware version 10ee.
Thank you!

If you use API mode along with CTS flow control, you can then know when the module has successfully transmitted by the reception of the status frame.

Ok, but I don’t want to go in API mode, is there any at command that can do the same thing?

No, transparent mode does not offer a way to do that.