Has anyone else experienced a problem with your code not running correctly when you remove the PROG cable?

Hello - I ask for your help. Thank you.

I have been using the BL4S200 board and it has an RCM4300 mini core board on it that allows me to plug in the “PROG” end of the USB serial programming cable to download my programs.

I am using Dynamic C development environment version 10.60.

My problem exists in my code when I remove the PROG cable connector from the RCM4300 board which is used in conjunction with the BL4S200 board from Rabbit Semiconductor.
This problem area in my code is associated with sending serial data out the E port at 1900 baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.

If you have experienced this problem and have solved it, then I ask for your help/ suggestions/hints as to how to solve it… so I can get my code to work even when the PROG cable connector is removed from my board [RCM-BL4S200 board set.]

Thank you very much! My need is immediate and urgent as my customer is very anxious to market and sell his product with the new software.

Thanks again!

Did you put your board into RUN mode?
See the users manual located at http://www.rabbit.com/documentation/docs/manuals/BL4S200/BL4S20UM.pdf


Yes, whenever I remove the PROG cable, first I shut down the program in my computer, then I turn Off the equipment in which the BL4S200 board resides, then I remove the PROG cable, and then I turn the power back to On for my equipment and it runs the installed program.
Unless I have missed something, turning on the power to a unit with the program, usually starts in the RUN mode.
Correct me if I misunderstand.
Thank you!