Help me to do my wifi robot project !!!

I have an RCM4400W core module nd i am a noob to this wifi stuff ! i wanna build a robot which can be controlled through a web page… (when i press forwrd button on the web page, robot moves forward)

I read entire document of the core module and i cant understand how to build up the connection to the module. I think “ad-hoc” mode is appropiate for the project.

1 To configure IP addresses, do i need to connect the module and the PC (wich runs the web page) as a wired network ?

  1. In our company we have a DLINK wireless router. its ip address is So kindly tell me how to write down define statements…
    (TCP IP configurations) to build the connection ?

  2. I tried to run the BrowseLed.c file to understand the web based control part. But i cudnt connect to the netwrok…

Pls help me to overcome this problem !

Greatly appreciate ur help guyz !!! thnx :slight_smile: