Help requested on API Transmit Status CMD ( Delivery Status value )

HI, IN the spec shhet, those are the value for the Delivery status field of the Zigbee Transmit Status (0x8B) frame type :
0x00 = Success
0x02 = CCA failure
0x15 = Invalid destination EndPoint
0x21 = Network ACK failure
0x22 = Not join to network
0x23 = Self-Adressed
0x24 = Address not found
0x25 = Route not found
0x74 = Data payload to large

I receive some times 0x91… so I guess there’s is some info missing on this status. Can anyone help me find what 0x91 means and what are the other possible value for this status ?

What kind of firmware are you using, ZB?

This is a status issued within the Ember stack itself. 0x91 status means Ember Network Down, menaing the network is not operating, the node is not joined to a network. Check the AI register value, the node is probably trying to rejoin or associate with the network. When the node rejoins, the status should change.

I’ve got the same problem with ZB (XBP24-ZB) firmware, so I guess he’s using ZB firmware too.