Help! trying to install Aceleport C/X PCI on fedora 6

Hi there,

I am Ernest Strother and I am trying to install an Acceleport C/X on a compaq machine under Fedora Core 6.

Using both the rpmbuild and tar xvfz 400002347_C.tgz
commands I am getting a couple of Build Error 2’s along the way and then a last Install Error 2.

It was a lot easier to install under Sco Unix but my company is moving to Red Hat and using Fedora to test things before we buy Red Hat (mainly for the support Red Hat offers). I have no idea what the Build Error 2 and Install Error 2 mean yet alone how to fix them.

Some history we are rewriting our code to work as a web based application using LAMP (linux,apache,mysql,php)
but wish to use some of our old dot matrix serial printers so are trying to get our old spare C/X board to work under Fedora Core 6 to run the old printers. We need about 7 of them working in three buildings for a couple of multi-part forms and labels we print.

I would greatly appreciate any help and suggestions.

I recommend following the steps here:

Then, send the resulting typescript to Digi International Technical Support for analyis.